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This is a very nice drawing, but it could've been better. It needs more shading in order to tell where the light is showing on the char...

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The Beauty Within A Woman (Sonamy) Chapter One Pg2
Scourge looked angrily at his nephew. The blue hedgehog looked down; ears flattened. He was afraid of his Uncle, at least when he's angry.
 "Sonic, I've told you a thousand times, and I will say it again, you can not go outside without me. You are Mobius's only hope to happiness. What would the people do if something were to happen to you?"
 "Uncle, you even said it yourself, there is no way I can take back the throne!"
 "But you can help your people."
 "The only thing that can help them is if the king was dead!" Sonic shouted. He regretted it quickly when his Uncle came after him. Sonic dodged his Uncle; making fall to the ground. Scourge looked back to his nephew; eyes full of rage met eyes of horror. Sonic quickly looked around the room for his shoes. Once he found them, he grabbed them and ran to the door. Sonic, then, suddenly felt pressure on his back; making him fall.
 "What the hell is wrong with you? I'm in charge of you and what I say goes!!" Sonic st
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High School Girl :iconshadow5011:Shadow5011 2 1 It's Too Late For Me :iconshadow5011:Shadow5011 2 1 Rose De. Sommer :iconshadow5011:Shadow5011 1 0 JUST ASK :iconshadow5011:Shadow5011 3 1 Boom POOP :iconshadow5011:Shadow5011 3 0
The Beauty Within A Woman (Sonamy) Chapter One Pg1
In an old wooden house, two hedgehog males live their lives. They only have each other. The blue  hedgehog. that lives there, lost his parents. He used to be the Prince of Mobius, until his parents were killed, he was then over-thrown by his parent's killer. He now lives in the old wooden house with his Uncle Scourge. Scourge was a green hedgehog that always believed in the proper way of doing things. He always made the blue hedgehog practice his writing every morning. If he didn't make him write at the old wooden desk, he would have him practice his manners and dance moves. The blue hedgehog, however, didn't see the point in doing all this proper stuff. There was no way he could get his kingdom back. Uncle Scourge made him do it anyway; no matter how much the blue hedgehog complained. When he got the chance, the blue hedgehog would go outside for a morning run. He always loved seeing the sun rise as he ran by the ocean.
The next morning, the blue hedgehog went to go put his runni
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Remembering The Good Years to Now :iconshadow5011:Shadow5011 2 2 Sea Monster :iconshadow5011:Shadow5011 1 0 The Ice Within :iconshadow5011:Shadow5011 0 0



My Crush
Squirt The Cat has a crush on Rose De. Sommer. She always tries to make her happy, even if Rose is already in a relationship. Squirt hates Rose's boyfriend since she thinks he's stealing Rose.

Squirt: ROSE!! YOU'RE BACK!!
Rose: Of course I am...why wouldn't I?
Squirt: *hugs and blushes.*
Rose: *blushes with embarrassment.*
Squirt: You got me worried!
Rose: Relax, Squirt. I'm fine.
This is a very nice drawing, but it could've been better. It needs more shading in order to tell where the light is showing on the character. If the light is showing in front of the character, then the neck shouldn't be shaded. If it is in the front, it should be shaded in parts of the hair. So, you would shade behind the arm towards the right. Also, it the part of the arm where it is hidden by the chest hair, should be shaded as well.
This could be better if the eyes has detail, such as pupils, light showing in the eyes, etc... The eyebrows need to go with the emoition too. The emoition that this character is showing is embaressed or shy. So, the eyebrows should be close to eyes and curled like a macorni noodle.

I hope this helps! Everything else is good.
Best Friends
This is my character with her best childhood friend, Squirt The Cat. The colors show sexuality and differences.

Full Name: Squirt The Cat
Breast Size: (it's a secret)
Weapon(s): Guns and fists.
Combat moves: Kicking and Punching
Normal Outfit: Gray tank top, purple hair-tie, blue jeans, and black boots.
Age: 23
Fur Color: Dark Violet
Extra (long) Fur: Black

Father: UnKnown
Mother: UnKnown
Sibling(s): None
Lover: None
Crush: Rose Dame Sommer
Enemy(ies): Snipes The Hedgehog (Love Rival), Mike The Hedgehog, and Amy Rose.
Friend(s): Rose Dame Sommer

Squirt was an orphan at "Marly's House Of Lost Children." Marly was the owner of the place and she was always kind to the children. Marly had the younger children go to "Haley Church" for preschool. That was when she met Rose. From then on, they were friends, Squirt wants to be more.

Hello, watchers, fans, and random people of the world!

I was bored and looked some old rants that people did (Mary Sue Rants) and started to think to myself. Most people that get ranted on think the person/people that do the rants are haters. Well, I am here to explain the difference. According to the definition of Hate, it means feel intense or passionate dislike for someone, or denoting hostile actions motivated by intense dislike or prejudice. I'm using the Akai rants as an example for this. A YouTuber made a series of rants with friend about a character on Deviant Art that goes by the name of Jane. Now, before I get into more, the definition of opinion is: a view or judgment formed about something, not necessarily based on fact or knowledge, or a formal statement of advice by an expert on a professional matter. The people that did that rant were giving their opinion. If they were hating on the character, they would've called the character every mean thing they could think of, or make fun of the character. The only thing hostile that happened, was the character's fans threatening the YouTuber and her friend, Akai herself was being hostile just as much as her fans, instead of being the bigger person and accepting their opinion. Not everyone has to like the same thing. 
    The worst thing about this though, is that Akai keeps bringing up the situation, as if it was a way to get support and attention. So, you can't call me out on bringing it up, when she does it.

I already know that her fans are coming after me. News flash, I am a fan myself. I am a fan of her art. I can not be a fan of her because I don't know her personally.



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I am sorry CobaltPie was such a bitch to you.
I do not know if you are a fan of hers or not, but she had no right to treat you like that. 

Sadly that is how Cobalt is a arrogant stuck up bitch who thinks she's so much better than everyone because she whores herself and her character all over the internet.

This whole "Evil Twin"  crap, is just her yet again giving more attention to her haters.   As I have been saying for years,  Cobalt really doesn't give 2 fucks about her fans,  or  as she sees them  "Her army of  idiots who will swallow whatever lies she feeds them"  

If I was you, I'd just avoid her....she's not worth anyone's time and she is most certainly no one to look up to.

Again, sorry she was so rude to you :(
Shadow5011 Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
Sorry for the late reply. However, you are right. She just made a journal saying "tell me your feelings I won't block you like I did 5 years ago!" I think she might block though.
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